Treo Eile Partnering with the Irish Pony Club

We are very excited to partner with the Irish Pony Club to reward the participation of thoroughbreds across the different disciplines.  Our inaugural sponsorship at the Eventing Championships last year, saw Killinick member Lilymai Berry and the ex point-to-pointer Skylanna Scatman win the Into Intermediate class and our Training Bursary.  More and more we are coming across members riding racehorses that have transitioned to a second career within the Irish Pony Club, which highlights their versatility and suitability.

Larry O’Keeffe (DC Killinick Branch) with member Jessie Bates & Guns For Hire, Anne O’Connor (Treo Eile), Alice Mernagh (Area 4 Rep), Ivan Hatton (Chairman, Eventing Committee), Lilymai Berry & Skylanna Scatman, Jacinta Reville (Area 4 Eventing Rep)


We would like to wish all Irish Pony Club members a safe and successful summer season ahead and at the following championships;

IPC Dressage:

April 12 – IPC Dressage Day – Overall Highest Placed Thoroughbred – €100 Training Bursary

July 26-28 – IPC Festival – Overall Highest Placed Thoroughbred in the pure dressage section – €100 Training Bursary

IPC Eventing:

Championship Qualifiers League – final details to follow – Training Bursaries 1st-3rd, (Winning rosette at each qualifier)

August 26-27 Eventing Championships – Overall Highest Placed Thoroughbred – €100 Training Bursary

IPC Showjumping:

July 26-28 – IPC Festival – Overall Highest Placed Thoroughbred in the pure Showjumping section – €100 Training Bursary

September 3 – IPC Showjumping Classic Final – Overall Highest Placed Thoroughbred – €100 Training Bursary


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