Treo Eile Thoroughbred Eventing League 2024

Treo Eile are partnering with Eventing Ireland again in 2024 to sponsor the Treo Eile Thoroughbred Eventing League. Now in its third year and with a prize fund of €3,000, the league aligns with the Eventing schedule from March to October.

Similar to previous years, the league works on a points system compiled by EquiRatings and is open to Thoroughbreds entered across all levels in national competition. Combinations can move through the levels with their top 6 placings throughout the season counting towards the league. Horses must have a Weatherbys’ or equivalent racing authority passport.

Amy Walsh and the three-time hurdle winner Trucking Along (pictured) had a very good pay-day when picking up the €1,300 winner’s prize, of the well supported 2023 league. With prizes down to sixth place, it is a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge Thoroughbreds who have transitioned to Eventing.

Anne O’Connor, Treo Eile Executive Officer explained, “The speed, agility and quick thinking of the Thoroughbred are great qualities for eventing. It is rewarding to see that Thoroughbreds now account for six percent of Eventing Ireland’s overall horse registrations. We are very pleased to be continuing our sponsorship with Eventing Ireland in 2024, as the Treo Eile Thoroughbred Eventing League allows us to ‘support’ Thoroughbreds in their Eventing career path and to ‘promote’ their versatility.

O’Connor continued, “We ask that owners register (FOR FREE) their Thoroughbreds through this link Register your ex-racehorse – Treo Eile, which allows us to build a picture and produce statistics to show that racehorses can have a productive life after racing and allow us to raise funds accordingly. This will also guide our incentive programmes such as this Eventing league sponsorship”.

Established in 2020, Treo Eile is a not-for-profit providing assistance with the retraining of
racehorses under three headings:
CONNECT> racehorse owners and trainers with retrainers/new owners
SUPPORT> ex-racehorses with a thoroughbred event program, sponsorship and training
PROMOTE> the versatility and success of the ex-racehorse


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