>Treo Eile would like to know the location of every former racehorse. Traceability allows us to build a picture and produce statistics to show that racehorses can have a productive life after racing and allow us to raise funds accordingly . This intelligence will also guide our incentive program and ensure funds are distributed correctly.

To encourage enrolment, all membership is FREE for 2021 and enables access to our retraining clinics, resources, eligibility for competition prizes and leagues. Any former racehorse can be registered whether they have raced or not raced (if unraced, they must have been in training).

There are certain criteria for some competitions so please refer to the relevant venue’s pages for more information on rules and eligibility. If you are purchasing a retrained racehorse that you believe is already registered, please email details to

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Please give as many details as possible in this form below and we will confirm registration once we have verified your horse with Weatherbys. If you do not have the passport, please contact Weatherbys Ireland for a duplicate.

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