When rehoming your racehorse it is essential to ensure that it will be properly looked after by the new owner.  Be aware that the new owner may wish to use the horse themselves or they may be retraining it to sell on to others at a profit.  Either way, it is important that you both understand the nuances of the transaction and we would suggest using the Sale contract template to establish the agreement.

If there is no money involved and you wish only to loan/lease the horse for a period of time, consider using the Loan contract which endeavours to set out some basic rules to guide both parties. This can be amended according to your wishes.  In this situation it is worth seeking feedback from the new owner in the form of videos/photographs at least once a year.

Remember to pass on all information that is relevant to the new owner – dates of the last farrier, vet visit, wormers, information on vet/soundness history as well as details about the horses personality and/or quirks if known.

After handing over your horse and its passport, contact Weatherbys Ireland to advise the horse is out of training and that you are no longer the owner.  However, it is the new owner’s responsibility to re-register the horse in their name with Weatherbys (although not everyone does this as there is a fee attached).

If you are having your horse schooled by a retrainer with a view to selling it afterwards, arrange the fee and payment terms, and ask for regular updates on its progress.  4-6 weeks is usually enough time to assess a horse for temperament and potential.  Towards the end of the retraining, ask for advice on how best to advertise the horse.

Please encourage new owners to register their horse with Treo Eile (basic membership is free) so that we can gain greater insight into the whereabouts of the ex-racehorses.

If any clarification is required, please contact for support.