"If you admire bravery and brilliance and honesty, then look no further than the thoroughbred”
Robert Hall


Retraining racehorses is becoming more popular than ever.  The breed is renowned for its brainpower and bravery and they can be multi-talented across an array of disciplines.  Usually well handled since birth they are easy to do in the stable setting, have been exposed to a wide range of situations already and are intelligent, inquisitive companions, eager to please.

Retraining takes time and patience however and allowances should be made for the fact that the racehorse has been conditioned as an athlete.  A knowledgeable retrainer will understand their minds and allow time for the horse to settle into a new life and begin a program that suits the horse’s temperament and experience.  Some may have developed habits that require managing or present other physical challenges, but most will adapt well if matched to the appropriate career.

As interest grows, so too do the incentives, fuelling demand for the ex-racehorse.  In Northern Ireland there are already a plethora of clinics and classes for ex-racehorses with milestones en route to the major shows.  This year look out for the Treo Eile badge at events across the country offering prizes for the leading thoroughbreds.  Our Academy pages will detail classes but it’s imperative to Register your Racehorse to be eligible for prizes.  Registration is free for 2021, so don’t delay.

If you are already retraining thoroughbreds and would like to be included in our Retrainer Directory, please email us for your GDPR consent forms.  Your details will be published on the website so owners may contact you directly.

If you are considering retraining a racehorse, read our Training Tips below and ensure you are prepared well in advance. The retrainers and coaches listed here can also offer advice and assist with your selection process.





A thoroughbred will work so hard for you and try to give you everything"