British and Irish Thoroughbred Agency

We are the British and Irish Thoroughbred Agency.

We are an independent and successful retraining and rehoming business with many members, followers and trainers that are a part our programme. Trainers contact us and we, the British And Irish Thoroughbred Agency, find forever homes for their ex-racehorses.

Monique Lyle owns and runs the British And Irish Thoroughbred Agency, and has been successfully rehoming ex-racehorses for 11 years whilst Suzy Barkley runs the Irish sector.

Suzy trains a small string of racehorses alongside our retraining and rehoming business, with a very keen interest in dressage and an incredible equestrian career behind her.

Please contact us directly on:

Monique Lyle
+447384 700154

Suzy Barkley
+447745 158493