Risk Advisory Notice

Treo Eile  aims to connect racehorse owners with retrainers or new owners, to support ex-racehorses with a prize based thoroughbred event program and to promote the versatility of the ex-racehorse and their success stories. Any existing or new owners are reminded of the ‘inherent risk’ involved in horse riding, and the risks associated with handling equines on the ground. Equines are ‘fight or flight’ animals, although through domestication their ‘fight or flight’ response has been dampened down, it can never be totally eradicated. Treo Eile would remind any existing or new ex-racehorse owners to use their experience and competence at all times when mounting, riding, leading, loading or unloading and general handling of their equine. Treo Eile is NOT responsible for the pairing of ex-racehorses to potential new owners and has no liability in respect of same. Treo Eile is simply the conduit for helping racehorse owners and potential new owners of ex-racehorses to connect.